We are thrilled to announce our newest hot sauce, CAYENNE, HABANERO a spicy Louisiana style hot sauce.

We listened to customer feedback since we first introduced Cayenne, Garlic and while it is an overwhelming fan favorite it was also clear that there was demand for a spicier version of this classic mild sauce. So after doing some testing with different peppers, we found the perfect balance of flavor and heat by adding orange habaneros peppers. In addition to the heat they bring, they have a sweet, fruity, citrusy flavor which adds so much to this already bold hot sauce.

Similar to Cayenne, Garlic - Cayenne, Habanero makes a great everyday hot sauce for people who want a nice comfortable level of spice. This sauce will go well on all your favorite foods but works particularly well on chicken wings, sandwiches, eggs, in a bloody mary or as a replacement for cocktail sauce on seafood.

We hope you enjoy this sauce as much as we enjoyed creating it!

-Sam & Henry

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