About us

Hook & Arrow founders Sam and Henry pictured with their father.

“I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.”
― Aldo Leopold

Hook & Arrow was born out of two brothers’ shared passion for food and the outdoors. At a young age, our parents instilled in us the importance of nature through countless outdoor adventures. Hook & Arrow is a brand that honors the memories of those fishing, hiking and camping trips. We created these sauces to be the perfect addition to your next adventure.

After making some small batches of hot sauces and sharing it with friends and family, we discovered there was some serious interest and decided to take it to the next level.

We use high-quality, natural ingredients to create unique flavors and do not use thickeners or preservatives. Our sauces may separate over time, however, we see that as a good sign of a natural product. Be sure to shake well before using and you're good to go. 

Your purchase gives back to conservation. Here at Hook & Arrow we are committed to conservation. Whether it be preservation of public land and waterways, maintaining hiking trails or trash removal, our goal is to make sure wildlife stays wild and nature remains pristine. In an effort to make this happen, we will be donating a portion of profits from every bottle of hot sauce sold to organizations whose missions align with our own. If you would like to partner with us or tell us about an organization you think we should work with contact us at info@hookandarrow.co. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey and stay tuned for more exciting things to come!

-Sam & Henry