2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo & The Screaming Mi Mi Awards

2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo & The Screaming Mi Mi Awards

The 2022 NYC Hot Sauce Expo has come and gone and all we can say is, "Wow! What an event!!" In the short time since we launched we've participated in a number of hot sauce events and festivals and the NYC Expo is arguably one of the best.

It's always great to catch up with the sauce makers we know at these events, but it's equally awesome to meet new makers as well as customers. This event was filled with spicy food eating competitions, professional wrestling, almost limitless hot sauce tastings, and of course the Screaming Mi Mi Awards.

The Screaming Mi Mi's Awards is one of the most prestigious awards for hot sauces and spicy foods. It's divided into 19 different category and the sauce with the highest overall score is crowned the Grand World Champion. This year was the 9th Annual Screaming Mi Mi's and our first time entering. They also started a new category called "Newbie," which is for brands that are less than 3 years old. 

We entered all of our current sauces into their appropriate category as well as entering our Cayenne, Garlic into the Newbie Category. We are completely humbled and still in shock about how out Hook & Arrow Cayenne, Garlic hot sauce performed. Not only did Cayenne, Garlic win 2nd place for the Louisiana Style Category but it also won 1st place for the Newbie Category. It is truly an honor considering how many amazing sauces there are out there and how tough the competition is.

Just over 5 months ago we launched our brand after receiving feedback from family and friends who loved the hot sauces we kept mailing them during the pandemic. We had no idea how complete strangers would react, but this recognition shows that our friends and family weren’t just blowing smoke.

Thank you to everyone who urged us to launch this company. Thank you for your patience while we took our time refining recipes and developing our brand. Thank you to those who’ve shown us support, and thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word. We truly appreciate it!!

-Sam & Henry

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