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Hook & Arrow

Cayenne, Garlic Hot Sauce

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** 1st Place Winner of the 2022 Screaming Mi Mi Newbie Award **
** 2nd Place Winner of the 2022 Screaming Mi Mi Louisiana Style Award **
** 2nd Place Winner of the 2023 Screaming Mi Mi Newbie Award **
** 2nd Place Winner of the 2023 Screaming Mi Mi Louisiana Style Award **
** 1st Place Winner of the 2023 Spicy International Flavor Award - Louisiana Style **

Hook & Arrow Cayenne, Garlic is our take on the classic Louisiana style hot sauce. This simple yet versatile sauce goes well on wings, pizza, eggs and even Bloody Marys or just about anything else you want to add a little heat to.

Ingredients: Cayenne pepper puree (cayenne peppers, salt), vinegar, garlic

Heat: 1/5

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jim Slotabec
In a word…. Amazing

Fantastic cayenne sauce I put on just about anything. Great flavor profile that matches very well with pizza, burgers, wings and pasta dishes.

William Glass
Best Everyday Hot Sauce - Use it for everything

This sauce is my go to everyday hot sauce replacing the typical mass produced super vinegary hot sauces. The hook and arrow sauce has real texture and you can taste the difference in the quality and texture.

It’s got great flavor and is the perfect level of spice for everyday use.

Stephen Andras
Really flavorful sauce

I normally like more hear in a sauce was given a variety pack as a gift instantly fell in love with this sauce even though it's very low heat. Definitely a must have now.

Jim Slotabec
A real winner!

Flavor is just incredible. Slight heat and the intensity of the flavor profile is really great. Good garlic flavor blended with perfection with the peppers. This is a must for my table sauces.

Russell Thomas
One of my favorites

Simply great! I go through this one fast. Terrific with eggs in the morning and just the right amount of heat for me.