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Hook & Arrow

Habanero, Orange, Ginger Hot Sauce

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**1st Place Winner of the 2022 Spicy Flave Award - Hot Sauce Medium**

Hook & Arrow Habanero, Orange, Ginger hot sauce has spicy citrus notes that will brighten up any dish. With a combination of habaneros, orange juice, ginger and orange zest this is currently the spiciest sauce we offer, it goes great with chicken and fish.

IngredientsApple cider vinegar, habanero peppers, orange juice, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, salt, black pepper, orange zest

Heat: 4/5

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan R
Great Sauce

I love hot sauce, and this is by far my favorite. The combination of delicious flavors and spice is precisely what I am looking for. I will certainly be back to buy a lot more.

Kathleen Cravero-Kristoffersson
Best hot sauce ever!

My husband is a hot sauce connoisseur - he uses it with almost every meal. I bought Hook and Arrow hot sauce at a recent town festival as a present for my husband. He loved it - said it was the best hot sauce he ever tasted. We bought six more bottles of the Habanero, Orange and Ginger hot sauce to share with friends and family. Ordering on line was quick and easy - we will be coming back for more.

Annette Schlueter
Habanero Hot Sauce

I first tried it at the annual Garlic Festival in Bethlehem. Good stuff! $18 is too high for me, so I won't be able to order it very often.

Rosita Aguilera
Amazing Sauce

I had a ginger sauce in a 3 pack and i liked it for a new flavor profile...I wanted a new 1 and found this one and OMGOODNESS is it the greatest flavor with a good amount of heat!!!

george k.
great taste and hot just like i like it

very flavorable and hot