Limited Edition Product Release - First Descents Partnership

Limited Edition Product Release - First Descents Partnership

Today we're happy to announce the release of our latest sauces. We've created a limited edition Strawberry, Ghost Pepper and Blueberry, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce 2 Pack in partnership with First Descents, a non-profit dedicated to providing life-changing adventures to young adults impacted by cancer and MS. 25% of proceeds from the sales of this two-pack will be donated to First Descents. 

Without even realizing it this project been in the works in our hearts and in our minds for the better part of the past 10 years. Without getting into too much detail, our family has been impacted by breast cancer in both women and men. So, in their honor we created a (pink) Strawberry, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and (blue) Blueberry, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. These sauces are intentionally mild and 100% delicious.

When we began developing these sauces earlier this year we knew we wanted a to create a 'pink' sauce Strawberry, Ghost Pepper to be representative of breast cancer. Originally, we were planning on only doing that one sauce. Later it dawned on us that, although much less common, men can get breast cancer too. To symbolize breast cancer in men, we created our 'blue' sauce Blueberry, Ghost Pepper. 

Because these sauces are to help promote awareness for breast cancer in women and men and raise money for charity, we decided that it made sense to only sell this limited run of hot sauce as a 2-pack and not individually. 

Once we finalized these recipes, it was time to think about where the proceeds from this project would be donated. We tossed around a few ideas at first but had no personal connections to those places. Then one day it dawned on us, "What about First Descents?" Yes!!! That was it! It has to be First Descents!!

First Descents is a group we were both familiar with and have a strong connection too. Henry offered his time as a photography volunteer with FD for a week long rock climbing adventure in 2019 and Sam volunteered for the same adventure earlier this year. When FD says they, "provide life-changing adventures to young adults impacted by cancer and MS" it's not an understatement, even the volunteers can have a life-changing experience. In a lot of ways this brand might not have ever started if Henry had not volunteered with FD. After his program with FD he came back to normal life and realized he wasn't fulfilled. He decided he needed some change so he left his job in search of something new. The pandemic hit and Sam and Henry found themselves quarantined living under the same roof for the first time in over a decade. This was the beginning of Hook & Arrow.

We don't have the words to describe how much First Descents means to us. We've volunteered with them in the past and we developed this project to benefit them. We absolutely plan on volunteering with them in the future and recommend you look into what they do too. Whether you buy this 2-pack of hot sauce, make a direct donation to First Descents or volunteer with them down the road, your efforts will make a difference.

-Sam & Henry

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